Friday, June 29, 2012

Attribute Editor POP

I found an issue with maya ( i think in 2011) that the attribute editor, when torn off, can fall behind other maya windows. Using cntrl + a to call the attribute editor, would not actually pop it fwd, due to it only opens the attribute editor.  So if the attribute editor is already open, it doesn't do anything.

 to fix this I changed how cntrl+a works.

so I took the original hot key information, and commented out the two extra lines that are supposed to "raise" the attribute editor, and made it into a hot key.

//toggleUIComponentVisibility "Attribute Editor";
//if(`isAttributeEditorRaised`){if(!`isChannelBoxVisible`){setChannelBoxVisible(1);} else {raiseChannelBox;}}else{openAEWindow;}