Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using Custom Node Networks in Rigging

Using Custom Node Networks in Rigging from kyleMR on Vimeo.

of note.

Q: just for clarification for me and maybe others, the "custom node" is really a null grp with custom attrs added to it right? No outside plugin dependencies required?

A: I use network nodes actually, since they come in as a pretty blank slate. I like using those, since otherwise you'd end up with a lot of extra transforms in your outliner. I have seen similar things done with locators though, I think Jason Schleifer talked about a character node setup like that in 'Integrating a Creature Rig into a Production Pipeline'. But yes, since it's really just out of the box maya stuff with custom attributes, there are no plugin dependencies.

Kyle has a great blog and a lot of great info!