Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ziploc Fresh Forward with Rachel Ray

All CG,
built some fun rigs and scripts for this one to control the slicing of the fruit vegetables and the zipping and unzipping of the ziploc bags

Cover Girl Domnios with Queen Latifa

All CG except Queen Latifa,
 got to really test out the asset management tools on this one for moving animation from temp geo to rigs to updating and randomizing the dominos.

Jarritos Soda

Jarritos  soda ads

 I was pretty psyched to work on these , as I'm a huge fan of jarritos. I first discoveredit when we moved near Red Bank NJ at Jaunitos Restaurant.  Now you can find Jarritos in small stores and a lot of the NYC food trucks carry it . Grapefruit is my favorite.

For these we built minitature sets and shot them to be used as backgrounds for CG animated characters. The idea was to make them look as if they were stop motion:

Here: I'll let the CD explain

here is the CG  luchador test:   He was  pretty quick turnaround. Andre Stuppert did the rigging and Tony Tabtong animated him..

We made Three ads and one internal piece  I was responsible for all the rigging  as well as hair animation...( shave / haircut ) and some random tools .

Glass Blowers:


Pineapple ( skatepark) :

Musselman's Apple Sauce ads

Worked on these a few weeks back. I was responsible as the Lead Character TD, so I rigged and oversaw the rigging of the packs and their lids.  I was also responsible for the "crack" destruction.